Thursday, October 22, 2009

wintertime anticipation

Well I haven't really completed any project I have personally designed (which is what I hoped I could share in blog form, sigh) and in fact most attempts at it result in frogging and frustration. While I know I can be creative under the right circumstances, it doesn't always translate in knitting, which involves math and patience- in other words, not my strong suits. But winter weather is just around the corner and I'm really enjoying knitting up a few items to keep me (and a few others) warm. My latest accomplishment is knitting these wrist warmers:

All I can say is awesome! The pattern used here is "Accomplice" which is a wonderful choice for beginners- not hard at all but not boring either. The substitute yarn is such that it wouldn't keep anyone's hands warm in a colder climate, but the acrylic blend I used (Red Heart Fiesta #6635 or "Coffee") works here in Texas. Robin Melanson's book Knitting New Mittens & Gloves is really fantastic, minus the super pointy mitten patterns, which I don't get. But the amount of stunningly beautiful projects is well worth the cost of the book so if you are a knitting knerd you must buy it! Yes I'm bossing you around. No, you won't regret it.

Next in mind for trying new garments I've never made before are some gloves for driving (probably will use wool there) as well as some leg warmers so I can continue wearing lovely skirts and dresses all winter long. But suggestions are definitely welcome!